Monday, November 7, 2011

What are you running for?

All the GLORY in the world is NOTHING if there are no GOODIES!!!! And vice versa!

It's seriously sad if the only reason you run is to stay healthy... To keep fit... Argh!! Strangle me pls...

That's so SIAN!!! Come on!!! There are just so many things to enjoy and 'tangkap' with!!

And here's another reason why I run... The goodies and glory from joining different runs!! And the prerequisite from joining the runs are simple. Finisher medal for all, we are in!! Finisher medal for top 50 runners, F#%K #%F. Got finisher T? Let's go!! Got discount vouchers??? OI... JOM!!!!

We've signed up for Malakoff (18th December) and MPIB (8th January) run, both 12km. And yes, both also got running vests, finishing medal, and goodies bag!! Woot Woot!!!

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