Saturday, November 19, 2011

MPSJ Running Clinic - 191111

MPSJ run is in 2 weeks time.

So the organizer organized a running clinic at MPSJ Stadium for the participants and would-be participants. We are the tak-malu would-be participants. Around 30 people turned up. For the free lessons, tips of the trade, goody bag, Gatorade, goody bag, lucky draw, goody bag... The goody bag was sponsored by Astro Arena. There's notebook, mouse pad, key chain, pen, roadtax sticker, windscreen sticker, drinking bottle, etc. All with Astro Arena written all over them.

It was an eye opener.

I have only started running recently and seriously, what can be so difficult? Run only what...

They had a state runner, Aru (I think that's his name) with 2 'assistants' (state runners also I think), who showed us some important routines before, during and after a run.

We started off with 3 rounds of the track for warming up, followed by top to bottom stretching before starting the run, which by the time it concluded, I was dead tired!! But I think it was good information.

They also shared a 1 week training schedule that goes something like this...

Monday - 30 to 40 minutes slow jog.
Tuesday - Diagonal Run. What you do is jog slowly for around 50m and stride for 100m. And repeat that for half an hour or more.
Wednesday - 30 to 40 minutes slow jog.
Thursday - Minute run. Slow jog 1 minute, run 1 minute. Repeat for half an hour or more.
Friday - 30 to 40 minutes slow jog.
Saturday - Long run. It should be an hour or more if can. It's push yourself day.
Sunday - Rest, if you are still alive.

Anyway, I find the schedule interesting, and will try it out. It's gonna be tough to stick to it EVERYDaY...

Going back to the running clinic, they also have a representative from Herbalife (Peter I think), who spoke to us about nutrition. It was basic information; 1) double your protein intake, preferably fish or chicken. 2) heaps of fruits and vege. 3) 2 litres of water minimum a day... Er... I think that's all :-p

Another sponsor was Breathe Performance Compression Wear. I checked out their samples, materials and price were not bad.

They had a lucky draw at the end of the clinic for around 10 person. Winners get a Breathe tshirt. I was 10th!!! YAY!!!

Check out their website -
Breathe Apparel

And of course FB - Breathe

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