Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fren, 2nd round ah?

That's an affirmative!!!

It was another Saturday and 4 of us were suppose to hike Bukit Apek. 1 the night before said can't make it. Another 2 pulled out in the morning because it was raining.

When I left home, it was raining too. Didn't give much thought.

I've been to Apek quite regularly. Most of the time, we will take the long way up to Station 6 and run down the other way. We have planned to do 2 loops today and I'm not gonna let the FFKs ruin the plan!!

The funnest and most motivating part was when I was in my 2nd loop, this guy said to me 'Friend! 2nd round ah!?'.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekly Review

Why am I doing a weekly review when it’s only Saturday? Aiyo… don’t know, don’t care la. Today got time ma today review lo.

It’s a rajin week!! Monday and Tuesday were rest days after a 12km run last Sunday.


After that, the week started with a fast 5km run.


Followed by a slow 10km run on Friday. Always love Friday when we finish work at 4:45pm. So being the good employee that I am, I started work on time and fuck off on time. Went home, cleaned and fed Kayden & Kenzie, off I went with my Vibram Fivefingers, Bikila. I’ve gotten the hang of running in them and I’m loving it. Matter of time before I get the SeeYa and Spyridon. Fucking whore…


And then we have today, set off to Bukit Apek for a quick hike. 


Wanted to go to Kiara trail tomorrow but no kaki. So if rajin still, will run 10km at home or go somewhere, and if can, push for 15km. Injury on right foot is still lingering… can feel the pain every now and then… Quite worrying…

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Early Birdie

It’s Sunday, and I have nothing planned. 5:30am, my eyes opened. I was still feeling sleepy, but couldn’t go back to sleep. So I continue to roll in bed until 7am, got up, do my laundry, and went out for a run.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bukit Apek – 170312

Another Saturday morning hike at Bukit Apek. 2 hours of slow workout.


Monday, March 12, 2012

How HOT can you take?

I’ve been fishing since I was 11 years old and for the past many years, I spent quite a fair bit of time under the sun. So that should make me quite tolerable to the sun’s heat, or so I thought… :|

Garmin 910XT

This is the usual 5km loop that I will do during weekends (please don’t come and stalk me for signature, unless you are damn HOT!), only in the day as certain parts have no pedestrian walkway. When I’m feeling hardworking, I’ll do 2 loops. Normally just 1. If I do 1 loop, the timing is usually just under 30 minutes. But not yesterday...

Yesterday was suppose to be Brooks run, which I have registered. But since I’m still nursing an injury that I picked up from Singapore’s Urbanathlon, and plus the fact that I didn’t know only top finishers get medals when I register (according to the website, but it turned out, everyone also got...)… I decided to skip the run. So after doing my laundry for the week, I put on my Adidas Adizero Feather and off I went.

The sky was clear and the time was 9am. Fuck me big time… it was HOT!!! First KM was ok… but after that, I could barely breath… :ssss My sweat was pouring like crazy and I had to stop to many times…

And this is freaking bad news. June will be my first 42km and the run starts early morning. And I’m pretty sure I’ll run pass 9am… WAY PASS…

So, this can only mean 1 thing. Every week, at least once, I must run between 11am to 9am. At least 1 loop!!! Argh…

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Garmin 910XT

Do I run? A bit la...


Do i swim? I know how to swim… but have not done it in… 2 million years…


Do I bike? Er… I have a foldie, so you can kiss my ass!!


Welcome, to my IN DEPTH review of the latest Garmin 910XT, NOT!.

To be honest, at the moment, I much prefer the Timex Run Trainer. Before you call me a whore (which I am), I only have ONE GPS watch now. I sold the Timex Run Trainer (on Saturday morning) before buying the Garmin 910XT (on Saturday evening) after picking up the race kit for Brooks run.

I took the 910XT for a short run this morning to test it, and did some system setting the night before. And here’s my take for the time being…

There are quite a few things I like about the Timex Run Trainer compared to the 910XT. First of all, wearing it as a daily watch. 910XT definitely has a smaller and thinner profile. But what’s the point when you can’t display anything else except time!? Maybe I haven’t play with it much yet, but seriously… No dates? No seconds? I think… you can’t even set your OWN time… it’s either based on time zone, or automated… :s wtf… I don't know bout you, but I look at my watch for dates very often eg before I sign any thing...

And the buttons… OMFG!!! WTF is wrong with you GARMIN!?!?!? Have you any idea how difficult it is to press you fucking buttons? Compared to the Timex Run Trainer, this is fucked up! The TRT’s buttons were a BREEZE!!!! Like super easy to press!!! The 910XT's buttons need some time to get use to...

And your GPS… again, I may be wrong as I haven’t spend much time with it yet. There may be some shortcuts that I’m not aware of but I don't think there's a short cut to turning the GPS ON and OFF. Do I really need to go through so many STEPS just to turn the bloody GPS ON/OFF?! Do you know it’s just ONE step to on/off the GPS for the TImex Run Trainer?? GRRR… And I didn’t need to read any manual to know that…

The position of the watch on my wrist is somehow… senget… Unlike the TRT, it sits nicely in the centre… The 910XT will tilt upwards.

Bad things aside, the 910XT definitely has much more whistles and bells, which I won't be dancing to as I'm just gonna run with it.

I like the display better than the TRT. And the backlight is definitely brighter and more visible. And most importantly, you can display 4 stats (same as TRT) and they are split into 4 quadrants. So they are very balanced in the screen. The TRT display them line by line, meaning up to 4 lines. And as a result, it gives you the feeling that you have some wasted space on the left part of the screen.

Anyway, I switched to the 910XT because it’s a bit thinner, and of course, ‘Cannot run nevermind. Gaya mesti ada’. And it’s only been a few days since I bought it. So lets hope the experience gets better.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Mount Kinabalu – DNF

Say harlo to Mr & Mrs Yong! And of course KY!! 


After 1 week of maximum pigging in Brunei, the time has come, to MENDAKI Mount Kinabalu!!


For 3 months, every weekend was spent hiking or running.


But it still didn’t prepare me enough for Mount Kinabalu… :(


Was it a tough hike?


In all honesty, NO.


It was just steps after steps after steps after steps.


The only thing you need is stamina, and warm clothing.


Unlike places like Bukit Angsi, or Nuang, etc, where the trails are treacherous, muddy, etc, Mount Kinabalu is EXTREMELY tourist friendly!!


Not to mention the absolute absence of LEECH.


And you DON’T even need a good pair of shoe… sandals pun cukup, except for the cold of course.


So what stopped me?


Everything was ok… until I reached Laban Rata.


I arrived at 3 something, and ate and rest. By the evening, I was getting colder (inside out) and my heart beat won’t slow down.


Worst part was, my head was pounding to my heart rate.


It’s once of those rare occasion where I felt absolutely HORRIBLE.


My nose bled for 2 days after coming down, and I had one of the worst diarrhoea of my life for 2 days.


And guess what, I also paid for VIA FERATTA.


Which I did not go of course.


So the question now is, Will I return…


That’s honestly a super tough question… Do I want to go through the ordeal again?


Altitude sickness is not fun…


But I have not ‘conquer’ Mount Kinabalu… :(


TULAN… but I won’t going back for their Tuaran Mee.


Until then… Happy Hiking!!