Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bkt Apek - 311211

Last hike of 2011 and I couldn't finish it... !!

Didn't even make it to the halfway mark... :-((

This was last week...

Been having flu and fever for the past few days. Was on MC for 2 days, back to work yesterday. Could barely catch my breathe...

Anyway this will be 2011's last post. And it also mark the 2nd month of my TAK NAK campaign!!!

December 2011 equates to 0 cigarettes + 100km ran and hiked!! Woot Woot!!!!

Happy New Year!!!

To be honest, don't quite understand what's the big deal with this new year new resolution new direction new this new that shit. Why must wait for a 'new year' to do something new. Wanna do just do la!!! No need to wait for new year one. It's just another day; SSDD!!!

Wake up from your beauty sleep... See the sunrise and tell yourself... Just Do It!!!

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Please be safe

Picture this – you are watching the movie Smurf and Papa Smurf is singing and dancing with the Winslows in their apartment, when all of a sudden the front door exploded and John McClane came rolling in (slow-mo). Right behind him was The Terminator (the very first no-nonsense version), striding into the living hall while reloading his shotgun, again in slow-mo. The Winslows and Papa Smurf were too shocked to react, they froze. The Terminator scans the room and located Papa; “SUBJECT – PAPA SMURF. WEAPON – SINGING. THREAT – HIGHLY ANNOYING.”. Without hesitation, The Terminator pulled the trigger and blasted Papa Smurf to smithereens. John McClane was still in mid air (again, slow-mo), guns drawn, unloaded all his lead into the Winslows and what’s left of Papa Smurf. The End.

How bout that for ‘WTF’?

I was browsing Runners World forum, looking at what people are wearing, how they are training for marathons, how to deal with injuries, etc. and all of a sudden I came across this topic which totally sent me to WTF mode.


I was like, here I am innocently gathering info on which hydration pack is most suited for trail running, there are actually people out there asking what’s the best way to carry their gun when they are out running!?!? Like what kinda scary shit neighborhood you running in?!?

Sometimes, I’m so glad I’m in Malaysia. While I know Malaysia is not the safest country, its sad that we need a gun while out running, and worst still, we are given an option to have a gun while running. Carrying a gun is 1 thing, using it is another. Lets face it, we are no John McClane or Terminator.

I’ve been in situations where I wish I had a gun before; I was robbed in a cyber cafe at night. Given a choice, I’d rather be safe and take steps to AVOID that situation; I stopped going to cyber cafes. I know we can't avoid every possible situation and very often, we don't know we are in one until it's too late.

But fuck shit what you gonna do with the gun?!? Do you have the guts to pull the trigger and take someones life??! Lagi worst you chicken out and the assailant take your gun. *faint*

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Never do it alone. If you can't be safe, don't do it!!! There's a choice in everything we do. Make that choice and be safe.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

FRIM - Boxing Day

Our 3rd trip to FRIM.

It was a trekking trip, so we took our time to explore the different trails... 4 hours... And 13+km...

More details and pictures when got time la... Tired...

This was taken from our first trip...

Hiker spotted!!

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Bukit Apek – Christmas Eve

This has got to be one of the funnest hike ever. 1 Bukit, many many many smiles along the way for the other hikers who were greeted with ‘Ho Ho Ho… Merry Christmas!!’


With every hiker that we met along the hike, we greeted them and wished them Merry Christmas. The beauty part is, it never fail to put a smile on their face when they see 3 ‘elves’ hiking with Santa’s hat. Mind you… it’s not exactly cooling wearing them hats…


While passing through the numerous ‘stations’ in Bukit Apek, our wishes were return with interesting questions; ‘Where is my present?’ and we went ‘Sorry, we are just elves. Santa is busy le…’


Some went ‘Where is the reindeer?’, and we went ‘Down by the river drinking lo…’


Some uncles/aunties were so happy when they saw us, ‘Wah… THAT’S the Christmas spirit! Good Good Good!”, and we went ‘Ho Ho Ho… Your neighbourhood friendly elf, at your service’.


As for the hike itself, it was a bit muddy as it was raining the night before. In fact when we left home in the morning, it was drizzling. So at certain parts, it was quite muddy. But we didn’t go to the waterfall. Up to Station 6 and down, we took 2 hours and cover almost 7km


Our shoes of choice for the day is non other than Salomon Fell Cross.

I was walking behind Dave (who wears Adidas kampung), I noticed that when he steps on mud, his foot will slide a bit; probably around half an inch to an inch. No complain on Adidas Kampung as he has conquered so many Bukits and Gunungs with it. But i think it definitely takes skill and a bit more strength.



I guess it’s a matter of preference. I like to feel secure with every step i take.


So here’s wishing everyone Merry Christmas…


And a Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Malakoff - 181211

"Born To Run", Malakoff's tagline. Seriously, with the exception of Kenyans, who on earth are born to run? If we are 'born' for it, no need to train so hard liow lo. Are we then saying the fast runners are 'born' better? I think the only thing we are really born to do is EAT!!!

A while back I asked the question, 'To whore or not to whore?'. Yesterday I was at Empire Subang, and went to Adidas to use the 30% discount voucher, and bought myself a pair of Adizero Feather. Can't help it... The colour is totally KRAZY!

So here we are, 6:30am, in Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. Warming up and getting ready to have our asses kicked by the HILLS!!

Adidas Adizero Feather with timing chip, checked!!

I started the run with David, Naely's ex colleague, who actually kept track of the number of people he overtook thru the run, me being one of his stats. Well, different people tangkap different things. David told me that the run is gonna be tough cos it's quite hilly.

The moment we started, 100m on, it was an uphill climb. And it was jus hill after hill through the run. How hilly? See for yourself.

7km runners do 1 loop, and 12 km 2 loops lo.

Saw some interesting characters during the run. There was a 1-legged runner, which was totally cool. And I took pic of this guy with a clipping on his back that says 'Running takes balls. Other sports just play with them'.

Also saw couple of Xmas tress and pirates.

After the run, took my fried mee and tau fu fa and camwhore around.

It took me 1hr 17 minutes to conquer the hills. Ok la... Cannot complain. Next run will be MPIB and hopefully I can complete under 1hr.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm sexy and I know it!

Please put your hands together for the sexiest shoes in the world!!!

Salomon Fellcross!!!

And say harlo to his LIL sister Speedcross 3!!!

Super hotz!!!

Q. Comfortable or not?
A. Don't know, don't care.

Q. Why?
A. Coz... I'm sexy and I know it!!!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vibram Fivefingers Bikila

When I bought my first pair of Fivefingers, I barely run. Then I bought another pair... And another... And another...

Before you know it, I had 4 Fivefingers; that's likeTwenty Fingers... I had 2 Sprints and 2 Bikila. And still, I rarely run...

I bought all my Fivefingers from Vibram online. And if you want original, please don't bother with eBay. And if you don't know how to buy from USA, try ComGateway. Be warned, it's highly addictive.

Today I only have 2 pairs left; Bikila and Sprint; sold the rest. I alternate my Bikila with my Adidas when I run. The first time I ran in my Bikila, I had blister at the back of my foot. So I only run with socks now.

And since Injinji cost like RM50 a pair, and the RM5 ones at Daiso look too cheap, I spent RM19 at Sox World when I was walking around in 1U.

Another alternative is cheap socks with scissor.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Adination Breakfast Run - 111211

When we went for the MPSJ Running Clinic last month, we were showered with freebies. Then we went for Nestle's World Walking Day, we were FLOODED with freebies.

Seriously, do we still need to ask that all so important question; what are you running for? Sometimes, I feel like we are freebies hunter. We will wake up at 5 something in the morning on a Saturday and get our asses to middle of nowhere, very often with the help of Eh-Pel (name of our Garmin GPS), and run. And this time round, is at Cahaya SPK for Adination Breakfast Run.

Adidas being Adidas, takkan la they gonna stinge on freebies!? So besides getting to run a 8km+ trail, we get tons of lucky draw, FoR the lucky ones.

I repeat, the LUCKY ones!! Or you can be the FAST one and finish top 5 to win some prize.

Beside the top prizes, they will have gifts for every 10th finisher. Yes, every 10th, up to 500. They gave away tights, shorts, Ts, bags, etc.

And they also had close to 40 lucky draws. FOR freaking TY!!! Once again, we were not lucky.

So in summary, Adidas is super generous, and we are super unlucky. Although we did get our share of free nasty lemak, cereal, Milo, etc.

And I got to wear my new tights I bought from Singapore, BUFF. If it's red, I'm sold.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Gunung Angsi - 031211

We stopped countless times to rest with legs trembling, knees hurting and breathless. With what’s left of our breath, we said ‘F#&K… beh tahan liow…’.

That pretty much sums up our trip to Gunung Angsi, via Ulu Bendul Recreation Park.


It’s another Saturday, and another hike. This time, it’s an all boys trip. Naely had badminton tournament so she couldn’t join. So it’s me and 5 other boys from work. We met at office at 7am and went to a mamak for breakfast. By 9:30am, we were at Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul.


And this picture below is before the hike, so naturally, there was no cursing; just smiles and anticipation of a good hike.


And off we went! :-)


Along the way, there were all sort of signages.


Jagalah kebersihan alam sekitar kita.




Gerai Angsi



Solar panel in the middle of no where.


And because Naely was not there, I was cam-whoring myself. 


Giant mushroom spotted! Gunung Datuk got Smurf berries… this one Mario Bros I guess…


For the first hour+, it was just jungle trekking, with minimal elevation.





We crossed a few streams. Can’t remember how many.


Self snap while balancing myself on a rock.




As we moved pass the jungle trekking part, we were hit with what seem to be an endless flight of root-steps.


I was like… ‘OMFG…’


It just went on…


And on…




If I gave Salomon the ability to speak at that moment, his first word would be…




Unlike Gunung Datuk, where there was ups and downs…


Angsi was just UP UP UP…


And more UP UP UP…





I think my eyes wanna pop out when I saw more UPS…






After much pressure on our feet and legs, we finally got a chance to do some monkey climbs. 


It gave our tired legs a much needed break.




And I put in some drama during the break.









This is a VERY misleading sign.



I think it took us 3 and a half hours to reach the summit.


And the THING that drove me up to the summit, and made me told myself over and over again that ‘THAT’S WHERE I WANNA BE!!!”









After eight hours… this was heaven…


Salomon, NO PROBLEM!!!


Would I go to Gunung Angsi again? For sure!! Love the place. We just didn’t expect such a tough climb. Good thing our food and drinks were on the dot. Anything more, and we would have ran out.