Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bkt Apek - 311211

Last hike of 2011 and I couldn't finish it... !!

Didn't even make it to the halfway mark... :-((

This was last week...

Been having flu and fever for the past few days. Was on MC for 2 days, back to work yesterday. Could barely catch my breathe...

Anyway this will be 2011's last post. And it also mark the 2nd month of my TAK NAK campaign!!!

December 2011 equates to 0 cigarettes + 100km ran and hiked!! Woot Woot!!!!

Happy New Year!!!

To be honest, don't quite understand what's the big deal with this new year new resolution new direction new this new that shit. Why must wait for a 'new year' to do something new. Wanna do just do la!!! No need to wait for new year one. It's just another day; SSDD!!!

Wake up from your beauty sleep... See the sunrise and tell yourself... Just Do It!!!

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