Friday, December 30, 2011

Please be safe

Picture this – you are watching the movie Smurf and Papa Smurf is singing and dancing with the Winslows in their apartment, when all of a sudden the front door exploded and John McClane came rolling in (slow-mo). Right behind him was The Terminator (the very first no-nonsense version), striding into the living hall while reloading his shotgun, again in slow-mo. The Winslows and Papa Smurf were too shocked to react, they froze. The Terminator scans the room and located Papa; “SUBJECT – PAPA SMURF. WEAPON – SINGING. THREAT – HIGHLY ANNOYING.”. Without hesitation, The Terminator pulled the trigger and blasted Papa Smurf to smithereens. John McClane was still in mid air (again, slow-mo), guns drawn, unloaded all his lead into the Winslows and what’s left of Papa Smurf. The End.

How bout that for ‘WTF’?

I was browsing Runners World forum, looking at what people are wearing, how they are training for marathons, how to deal with injuries, etc. and all of a sudden I came across this topic which totally sent me to WTF mode.


I was like, here I am innocently gathering info on which hydration pack is most suited for trail running, there are actually people out there asking what’s the best way to carry their gun when they are out running!?!? Like what kinda scary shit neighborhood you running in?!?

Sometimes, I’m so glad I’m in Malaysia. While I know Malaysia is not the safest country, its sad that we need a gun while out running, and worst still, we are given an option to have a gun while running. Carrying a gun is 1 thing, using it is another. Lets face it, we are no John McClane or Terminator.

I’ve been in situations where I wish I had a gun before; I was robbed in a cyber cafe at night. Given a choice, I’d rather be safe and take steps to AVOID that situation; I stopped going to cyber cafes. I know we can't avoid every possible situation and very often, we don't know we are in one until it's too late.

But fuck shit what you gonna do with the gun?!? Do you have the guts to pull the trigger and take someones life??! Lagi worst you chicken out and the assailant take your gun. *faint*

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Never do it alone. If you can't be safe, don't do it!!! There's a choice in everything we do. Make that choice and be safe.

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