Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gunung Datuk - 261111

To be honest, I don’t really know the difference between a GUNUNG, and a BUKIT. I think it’s the same… or maybe one is taller/higher/bigger than the other.

Anyway, our conquest this time round is Datuk G.


We met up at Seremban R&R around 8pm had breakfast and did some last minute shopping of cup noodles and Red Bull for me; needed a pick me up badly with my flu… :|


Before the trip, I found some directions from the internet to exit at Pedas/Linggi, but since we had Hairwan aka Master G, he knows all the Gs very well. So he led the way and we exited at Aloh Gajah and before you know it, we could see Gunung Datuk signages around.


And the moment I saw us exiting at Alor Gajah, the thought of Chicken Rice Ball and cendol after the hike came pouring in. Which we did later on... But seriously… the drive from Alor Gajah to Malacca town was TERUK TERUK!!! MALACCA!!! YOU HAVE WAY TOO BANYAK TRAFFIC LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway, going back to Datuk G, we arrived at around 9:30am (I think) and got ourselves ready in no time. Paid the RM5 cover charge with no free drinks, and put down our names and IC, don’t know for what… If they want to keep track of the visitors, at least ask for our contact number. What if we got lost?? Or gone home!? At least they can call ma… ask for IC for what?! Have a look at the chart below, it will give you an idea of the difficulty of the hike. The first half an hour was straight up no nonsense steep climb. After that, it was pretty ok.


My kasut of the day is of course, Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2. If you have read my fishing blog, you will know that I believe in specialisation. I also believe that ‘ikan tak de tak apa, GAYA mesti ada’. Erm… I also believe that if you don’t wanna do, don’t do. If wanna do, do it properfuckingly.


And when it comes to mother nature, DON’T F*#K with HER!!!


And this is why…

IMG_0075 IMG_0130 IMG_0121 IMG_0116 IMG_0092 IMG_0090

Like seriously… get the point?! It’s either you go Adidas Kampung, which has proven track records, and also worn by Master G and Dave, and they go up and down Gunungs like mountain goats, or you go with decent hiking shoes!! And as I was hiking up Datuk G, I couldn’t help but noticed along the way, carcases of soles were everywhere!!! And not to mention those still hanging on ones you see above…. :| Please… respect MOTHER NATURE!!! I even saw this dude with slippers… I’m gonna shut up cos this will take a while…


Nature at its best…


I seriously think Gargamel is around here somewhere…



After 2 hours of hike, we finally reached the summit, which was a small piece of clearing.


From the clearing, we then climb up some big ass rocks and up to the ‘real’ summit of Datuk G.


Notice how frozen stiff I look? What can I say beside ‘OMG!!!! I’m SCARED!!!!!’, in my heart of course. I’m afraid of heights. And I’m going for Mt Kinabalu via FERATTA!!! Paid already… :|


After some cam whoring at the summit, we went back to the clearing for our Maggi mees and just when we finished, the wind turn cold. Within seconds after we packed everything, it was pouring cats and dogs. The descent took us an hour and it was wet wet wet.




And just like any 4x4, if they look too clean, it’s just wrong. It’s like bolognaise with no red color… :|




Thursday, November 24, 2011

Men's Health Urbanathlon - 190212

It's official!! We have registered for Men's Health Urbanathlon; Singapore TOUGHEST urban obstacle race!!!

5 of us from work have registered under the corporate category; 2 from Malaysia & 3 Singapore.

And our team name is... KNS!!!

Yes!! You read it right, it's official, we are Team KNS!!!

Can't wait!!!

What you waiting for??! LET's GO

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

World Walking Day - 201111

4000+ turned up for the FREE event and had themselves tons of freebies and fun, all in the name of charity, thanks to Nestle, Good Food, Good Life.

Official color of the day, GREEN with Facebook blue color logo.

Nestle pledged RM1 for every KM walked by each participant. And we walked approximately 4 km. So do your math how much Nestle donated.

The interesting bit is, the walk is held simultaneously at 6 locations; Putrajaya, Penang, Kuantan, Johor, Sabah and Sarawak. And we are of course participating in Putrajaya!!

Pre-registration is required, or you can just show up and register on the spot, and get your FREE t-shirt. And the walk started at 8am.

The walk was pleasant as the sun was not out until we were leaving. And there was also a very light drizzle that's cooling you down further.

You get markers for every 1000 steps, but hey... Who's counting?

Uniformed personnel are stationed throughout our 5000 steps for any special needs that you may have.

Interesting plant spotted
. And once the walk is over, it was just freebies freebies and freebies.

We had free Milo, free Maggi mee, free Cheerios, free Nesvita, free balloons from clowns, etc.

After all the freebies, comes the MAMA of freebies, Lucky Draw!!! With 2 sets of Nintendo Wii up for grabs (grand prize) and shopping vouchers. And I think we used up our luck for the MPSJ Running Clinic getting the Breathe tshirt. So after they drew the grand prize, we left.

All in all, I think it was a fantastic event and Nestle did a good job.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

MPSJ Running Clinic - 191111

MPSJ run is in 2 weeks time.

So the organizer organized a running clinic at MPSJ Stadium for the participants and would-be participants. We are the tak-malu would-be participants. Around 30 people turned up. For the free lessons, tips of the trade, goody bag, Gatorade, goody bag, lucky draw, goody bag... The goody bag was sponsored by Astro Arena. There's notebook, mouse pad, key chain, pen, roadtax sticker, windscreen sticker, drinking bottle, etc. All with Astro Arena written all over them.

It was an eye opener.

I have only started running recently and seriously, what can be so difficult? Run only what...

They had a state runner, Aru (I think that's his name) with 2 'assistants' (state runners also I think), who showed us some important routines before, during and after a run.

We started off with 3 rounds of the track for warming up, followed by top to bottom stretching before starting the run, which by the time it concluded, I was dead tired!! But I think it was good information.

They also shared a 1 week training schedule that goes something like this...

Monday - 30 to 40 minutes slow jog.
Tuesday - Diagonal Run. What you do is jog slowly for around 50m and stride for 100m. And repeat that for half an hour or more.
Wednesday - 30 to 40 minutes slow jog.
Thursday - Minute run. Slow jog 1 minute, run 1 minute. Repeat for half an hour or more.
Friday - 30 to 40 minutes slow jog.
Saturday - Long run. It should be an hour or more if can. It's push yourself day.
Sunday - Rest, if you are still alive.

Anyway, I find the schedule interesting, and will try it out. It's gonna be tough to stick to it EVERYDaY...

Going back to the running clinic, they also have a representative from Herbalife (Peter I think), who spoke to us about nutrition. It was basic information; 1) double your protein intake, preferably fish or chicken. 2) heaps of fruits and vege. 3) 2 litres of water minimum a day... Er... I think that's all :-p

Another sponsor was Breathe Performance Compression Wear. I checked out their samples, materials and price were not bad.

They had a lucky draw at the end of the clinic for around 10 person. Winners get a Breathe tshirt. I was 10th!!! YAY!!!

Check out their website -
Breathe Apparel

And of course FB - Breathe

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Terry Fox Run - 131111

Tons of people turn up for the run, in their grey Terry Fox 2011 Run tshirt.

Some were in blue, 2010, some in black 2009, etc.

There are so many things we can learn from Terry Fox. I learn one, 'Run if you can'.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bukit Apek - 121111

After 2 weeks of FRIM, I needed something different to train for Mountain Kinabalu. So I decided to try Bukit Apek; the hill where uncles and aunties stroll casually and youngsters huff and puff.

The funny thing was, none of us had been to Bkt Apek. Thankfully, I found this direction online somewhere -

Use the Grand Saga expressway from Kuala Lumpur to Cheras. Take a left exit to Taman Cuepacs right after Petronas (before the first toll plaza). Follow the road to Econsave Segar Perdana. Upon reaching the T-junction near Econsave, you will see Shell on your left. Turn right and park your car along the road.

To make it simpler, take your GPS, go to Point of Interest and key in Econsave Segar Perdana. Once you reached there, park somewhere legal and walk around like tourist and ask for directions.

We reached the 'entrance' before 8am and off we went. The good thing here is, all morning birds are very friendly towards each other.

While there are many Y junctions which brings you to the same destination but different steepness and distance, you just need to ask around for direction and the people there are ever so friendly and helpful.

The weather for the day was wet Wet WET!!! And I love it!!!! Before the hike, I was secretly hoping that it will rain. 1 it gives us an idea of hiking in the rain as Mt Kinabalu is always wet. 2 Salomon need some mud!! The Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 was put to test and it performed flawlessly!!!

The grip was awesome uphill and downhill and my feet felt protected all the time. And along the way, we saw this-

Seriously? Come on... Wanna do, do it properfuckingly please.

Anyway, it was drizzling in the morning and later part, it got pretty heavy.

The only downside of the rain was I didn't bring a cap, and my spectacles had no vipers. So at one point, I was running downhill, skipping side to side half blind.

Overall, we trek from the entrance up to Station 6, then back track to the waterfall.

The descent to the waterfall was quite steep but good thing is most of it has rope by the side. Don't forget the sides are also filled with thorny branches, so please watch out.

From the waterfall, we went back to Station 6 and went down the other side.

So all in all, we covered around 11km of tracks and it was tons of fun.

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