Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Adidas Hydroterra Shandal

Saw them in Adidas Mid Valley. Look damn nice, and light. And the upper mesh is interesting, although a bit plasticky. Price slightly below RM300. Should be good for jungle trekking, stream crossing, etc.

Rugged tracks.

Step Down Contruction, turning the shoe into sandal. Adidas call it Shandal.

Here's an extract from

There is something unsettling about putting dry socks and shoes back on your wet feet after fording a stream. The amphibious Adidas Hydroterra Shandal Shoes move from land to water and back again, so you don't have to waste time taking your shoes on and off every time your trail hits the stream.

Single-layer mesh uppers are ultra-breathable and quick-drying, so wet feet dry fast. EVA footbed and sock liner provide cushioning and won't feel water-logged. Speed laces are secure and easy to adjust.

Bottom Line: Crossing streams doesn't have to require pit stops.

Extract from

They’re mesh water shoes that fit like sneakers, but are made to work well on slippery rocks and dry quickly when you’re done.

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