Friday, November 4, 2011

Run if you can

I'm 33. I smoke. I drink. I don't exercise. That's a brief introduction of me.

I'm blessed with high metabolism so I don't really put on weight. I love fatty pork and KFC is where I wanna be!! So given my fairly unhealthy lifestyle, I still manage to keep myself slim at 70kg, at the height of 178cm, I'm pretty lucky. But seriously, how long can this last?

There was this 1 day, I just sat there and ask myself... what if 1 day I can't walk anymore? What will I be thinking? Is it gonna be 'Damn I've walked and seen enough, I need a break.', or 'I wish i had ran more, gone for marathons, hikes, trails, jogs, and explore the world on my feet.'.

So I decided to start a running blog.

The reality is, any hobby we picked up, it takes effort to keep it going. We need to have friends sharing the same passion to keep each other going. (I think it's just me now...) We need discipline. (Having no discipline is my STRENGTH.) We need to keep it fresh and interesting. Hey... Blogging is a good way. I get to document my 'new hobby'. Post pictures of my new toys, my favourite part.

Anyway, here's my goal for 2012. I want to complete a Marathon. And if possible, I want to complete the Kinabalu Climbathon. Hahahahahah... I myself find it a bit funny. Climbathon!? Mt Kinabalu!?!?

Whatever... Today is Day 3 of the smoke free me!! YAY!!

Going back to the subject, if you are wondering why I run, it's simple; I run because I can. So... Run if you can!!!

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