Sunday, December 18, 2011

Malakoff - 181211

"Born To Run", Malakoff's tagline. Seriously, with the exception of Kenyans, who on earth are born to run? If we are 'born' for it, no need to train so hard liow lo. Are we then saying the fast runners are 'born' better? I think the only thing we are really born to do is EAT!!!

A while back I asked the question, 'To whore or not to whore?'. Yesterday I was at Empire Subang, and went to Adidas to use the 30% discount voucher, and bought myself a pair of Adizero Feather. Can't help it... The colour is totally KRAZY!

So here we are, 6:30am, in Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. Warming up and getting ready to have our asses kicked by the HILLS!!

Adidas Adizero Feather with timing chip, checked!!

I started the run with David, Naely's ex colleague, who actually kept track of the number of people he overtook thru the run, me being one of his stats. Well, different people tangkap different things. David told me that the run is gonna be tough cos it's quite hilly.

The moment we started, 100m on, it was an uphill climb. And it was jus hill after hill through the run. How hilly? See for yourself.

7km runners do 1 loop, and 12 km 2 loops lo.

Saw some interesting characters during the run. There was a 1-legged runner, which was totally cool. And I took pic of this guy with a clipping on his back that says 'Running takes balls. Other sports just play with them'.

Also saw couple of Xmas tress and pirates.

After the run, took my fried mee and tau fu fa and camwhore around.

It took me 1hr 17 minutes to conquer the hills. Ok la... Cannot complain. Next run will be MPIB and hopefully I can complete under 1hr.

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