Monday, December 26, 2011

Bukit Apek – Christmas Eve

This has got to be one of the funnest hike ever. 1 Bukit, many many many smiles along the way for the other hikers who were greeted with ‘Ho Ho Ho… Merry Christmas!!’


With every hiker that we met along the hike, we greeted them and wished them Merry Christmas. The beauty part is, it never fail to put a smile on their face when they see 3 ‘elves’ hiking with Santa’s hat. Mind you… it’s not exactly cooling wearing them hats…


While passing through the numerous ‘stations’ in Bukit Apek, our wishes were return with interesting questions; ‘Where is my present?’ and we went ‘Sorry, we are just elves. Santa is busy le…’


Some went ‘Where is the reindeer?’, and we went ‘Down by the river drinking lo…’


Some uncles/aunties were so happy when they saw us, ‘Wah… THAT’S the Christmas spirit! Good Good Good!”, and we went ‘Ho Ho Ho… Your neighbourhood friendly elf, at your service’.


As for the hike itself, it was a bit muddy as it was raining the night before. In fact when we left home in the morning, it was drizzling. So at certain parts, it was quite muddy. But we didn’t go to the waterfall. Up to Station 6 and down, we took 2 hours and cover almost 7km


Our shoes of choice for the day is non other than Salomon Fell Cross.

I was walking behind Dave (who wears Adidas kampung), I noticed that when he steps on mud, his foot will slide a bit; probably around half an inch to an inch. No complain on Adidas Kampung as he has conquered so many Bukits and Gunungs with it. But i think it definitely takes skill and a bit more strength.



I guess it’s a matter of preference. I like to feel secure with every step i take.


So here’s wishing everyone Merry Christmas…


And a Happy New Year!!!

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