Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekly Review

Why am I doing a weekly review when it’s only Saturday? Aiyo… don’t know, don’t care la. Today got time ma today review lo.

It’s a rajin week!! Monday and Tuesday were rest days after a 12km run last Sunday.


After that, the week started with a fast 5km run.


Followed by a slow 10km run on Friday. Always love Friday when we finish work at 4:45pm. So being the good employee that I am, I started work on time and fuck off on time. Went home, cleaned and fed Kayden & Kenzie, off I went with my Vibram Fivefingers, Bikila. I’ve gotten the hang of running in them and I’m loving it. Matter of time before I get the SeeYa and Spyridon. Fucking whore…


And then we have today, set off to Bukit Apek for a quick hike. 


Wanted to go to Kiara trail tomorrow but no kaki. So if rajin still, will run 10km at home or go somewhere, and if can, push for 15km. Injury on right foot is still lingering… can feel the pain every now and then… Quite worrying…

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