Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa

Introducing… the MOTHER of all FEATHER… Vibram FiveFingers SeeYa!!photo 3

Here’s an extract from their website -

“The ultra-streamlined SeeYa is our newest performance option for serious minimalist runners. Designed to bring you even closer to the barefoot sensation, we’ve radically reduced overall weight and material with a more breathable mesh upper to deliver true, performance-driven footwear. Minimum rubber thickness in the outsole maximizes “foot feel” and flexibility, while a soft TPU midsole further reduces thickness and weight for natural movement. A stitched-in polyurethane insole protects skin and foot tissue during longer runs. For a snug fit, the lightweight, single-layer, stretch mesh upper has an adjustable hook-and-loop closure. 3M reflective applications for night running. Machine Washable. Air Dry.”photo 2

Everything about this shoe is thin thin thin. Just to show you how thin, here’s a roll up version of it. Took me 3 seconds to roll it down. It feels like feather, weighs like feather and rolls like feather. There’s is nothing solid about this shoe, in a good way of course. And the sole is as thin as it gets. P1050405 

Interesting story, I saw a dude wearing this for the Energizer Singapore Night Trail last week. I hope he is a seasoned barefoot runner because I was wearing the Spyridon LS, and it was no joke; it was a rocky trail and  I was feeling every bit of it, and it was painful. I honestly doubt he finish the run…  P1050407 

I’ll leave the professional review to the professionals, and do give some unprofessional ramblings of my own.


I can’t help but wonder, why do Vibram have so many ‘Vibrams’ on their Vibram FiveFingers?


It’s like they scared people will mistaken them for some other brands. P1050410 

It’s EVERYWHERE! Front, top, side, bottom and back!!P1050411 

This one is for leaving a print after you step on shits! ‘Hey! Someone wearing a Vibram just stepped on the wet cement!!’P1050412 

Here’s the official confirmation of the SeeYa as the champion of all champions. P1050423

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