Monday, April 30, 2012

Energizer Night Trail – Singapore - 280412

Exactly 1 week after Malaysia’s Energizer’s run in Sepang, we made our way down to Singapore for their Night Trail run, to take on the rocky trails of Mandai. 7 of us took the bus down, 4 to tackle the trails and 3 to tackle the concrete jungle of the island. While Energizer Malaysia was ran with my PB pace, Energizer Singapore was ran with my worst. Mistake was late lunch at 4pm. I think I have slower digestive system compared to the rest. We started the run around 7:45pm, and 2km into the run, I was having bad stitches which won’t go away. I think I walked 80% of the time. Win some… Lose some…

Here’s my boy on his way to G-Pet the day before for boarding. photo 2 

My iPad was loaded with tons of movies for the 6 hours bus ride. So how can we not have some kick azz popcorns?!photo 1

Grabbing breakfast before catching our bus to Singapore. It was April 28th, ie 428. So we were anxiously reading bout news prior to Bersih 3.0. P1050341 

Praying mode – ONz. P1050343 

Our pre run lunch at 4pm.

photo 1(1)

I think ribs was a bad idea as meat takes longer to digest… I also had some cheesy baked macaroni…photo 2(1)

Vibram Spyridon LS for the run. If I am to choose again, I won’t wear this because the trail was rocky and it was a night run, I had to rely heavily on the head lamp and watch my step closely. Stepping on sharp stones, not funny. If it was day, I’d wear this shoe for sure. P1050351 

The running women. P1050352 

The running men.


That’s positive energy!P1050355 

We reached there around 6:30pm, and the crowd was just started to gather. P1050356 

Giant slides for the kids only!? WTF!? What about us adults?!P1050357 

Free drinks and snacks as usual. The free Magnum ice cream was a BOMBz!P1050358 

POCARI SWEAT, drink of the night. P1050360 

Er… Energizer’s mascot?


The Start and Finish line. P1050364 

The greens are the Malaysians, and the blue, Singaporean. P1050367 

All ready to run!


Some whack job dressed up like a ghost. I always lke those people who take the time to dress up and have fun, EXCEPT for this dumb fuck. It was a night trail for FUCK sake!! Got no common sense or what?!?! Don’t they know there are LOTS of pantang things when you are in the woods?!?! ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT!!! Dumb cibai!!! Dress like that nevermind, at the start of the race somemore wanna scream like kena rape by horse!!! (I didn’t see her scream, but pretty sure it was her…)

Another dumb ass was a girl who was running ahead of me somewhere in the trail. It was a dark stretch and she thought I was her friend. Suddenly she said ‘Eh… how come got so strong pandan smell?!’ Aiyo… stupid or what…!?


On your mark!


Get set!


Stick your finger in your nose!!P1050375 

We started the race at the 20th minute, after the 1st wave.


And I walked past the finishing line at 2 hour 8 minutes. So I ran a 12km trail in 1 hour 50 minutes… :|


Their finisher medal looks better than Malaysia’s… but they have no finisher T… :|


Something different compared to Malaysia’s… the running chip is a sponge at the bottom of the bib.


12km of Mandai, my Energizer Singapore Night Trail WALK. 280412-ENTR Singapore

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