Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Energizer Night Run 2012

I think this run can be call my PB. But then I don't know PB for what also. Everytime see ppl say PB here PB there.

I managed an average pace of 6:45 for 15.5km. Usually I just try to stay below a 8:00 pace.

Maybe because I was running bibless and chipless. Everytime I saw those volunteers, I'll try to hide. Tension gile. I gave my bib and chip to a friend who didn't get to register. So I just run with their vest.

Please note, the only advantage I took was their drinks. That also because I dropped one of my waist bottle in the first KM. :-( When I crosses the finish line, a girl wanna give me a certificate. I waved my hand and walk off. Clap Clap Clap!!!!

I think after a horrendous event last year, Energizer is gonna make sure they redeem themselves.

Which I think they did. The only comment I have is we were stuck at the tunnel going in to the starting line. But if we had read the guide, we would have gone in earlier.

After the run, as usual we need some serious food to reward ourselves.

We went to Sri Petaling to have dim sum, and had this awesome Loh Mai Kai PAU.

And my shoe for the run was none other than my faithful Fivefingers BIKILA.

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