Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Run for a Cause

Here’s an extract of my Facebook status for the millions of readers out there.


Standard Chartered KL Marathon

On June 24th, I'll be running my very first full marathon, 42km. I enrolled myself in the 'Run for a Cause' category, where I can collect donations to be given to an official charity partner of my choice. I have chosen Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation.

Here's the deal. Minimum contribution is RM30 and more is welcome. Your $$ will help the animals who can't speak for themselves. It may put a roof over some homeless animals... feed the hungry ones and heal the sick ones... give them another day for adoption before they need to be put to sleep... give them an opportunity to love someone unconditionally.

So if you have RM30 (preferably more!!) to spare, please click on the link below and be as generous as you can be.


P/s If my collected donation reaches RM500, my registration fee for the run will be waived. I've donated RM500 on April 1st. The rest is up to you.

And after you have donated, please share this message with your friends

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