Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jelly Jelly Legs

It's another Saturday, and the training continues. Location, Lake Garden once again. I told myself that I will try to run 21km every Saturday until my Stand Chart marathon... :-o

Today, I wore my HAPPY SOCKs!!! Walao... The colorZ... See liow also wanna faint. Mata sure sakit. Sometimes, we gotta do funky things to spice things up and keep the passion burning. So when I went to Running Lab and saw these colorful Injinji, I couldn't resist.

Back to Lake Garden, after 2 loops+ (1 loop is around 2.2km) we decided to do the stairzzzz... And we ended up doing 10 sets, up & down count as 1 set. Walao... Don't play play... My calves super sakit the day after.

And after much torture, a power meal is the only way to go. And I strongly recommend this restaurant below; Pu Tien.

Try their fried mee hoon and 'up soup round veggie'. It was the best ever, period. And because we ordered all small portions to share, we didn't stop eating after Pu Tien...

We went to Friday's and had a Tennessee Burger... :-| sinful? Hell yeah... But who gives a fuck!? It was awesomely good!!! Their 'new' dessert (chocolate crispy something) didn't quite make it. We notify the Supervisor and she took it out from our bill and belanja us something else... TGIF!!!!

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