Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Who’s the lightest of them all??!!

Ever wonder which Adidas is heavier? Ever wonder how heavy is a model that you are interested in?

These questions popped into my head so I went and look for the answer. And while I wasn’t surprised who is the lightest of them all, I was very surprised with the order of lightest to heaviest. By the way, I’m a size 9/10.

Introducing the champion… Vibram Fivefingers Bikila!!! Weighing in at 177g!!! This is definitely a no brainer as this is the king of minimalist footwear. The beauty is, you still have the Vibram sole to protect you. So you get to run with the barefoot feeling (not completely la…) without the risk of it.


And not far behind… is Adidas Adizero Feather, weighing in at 217g!! This is definitely a surprise for me. I know la the name itself says FEATHER. But I really didn’t expect it to be lighter than the Minimus and Reebok. Given the fact that it’s sole is fairly thick and offers some good cushioning. Adidas… GOOD JOB!!!


Next, is New Balance Minimus Trail weighing in at 218g. Less is More. I couldn’t agree more. But again, I’m surprise you are heavier than Adizero Feather!! Maybe it’s the Vibram sole. For detail measurements of the heel drop or what drop this drop, please go to their official website or the professional ‘reviewer’ k. I’m just rambling… Damn.. I still can’t get over it!! Recently went to Gunung Tok Wan with it, hiked for 5 hours+, it felt GOOD!!! FYI, I was wearing socks. The shoe is meant to be worn sockless; which I tried but the tongue gave me a hotspot after 5km on the dreadmill. Anyway I never really like wearing shoes without socks…


Next up, Reebok don’t know what model… weighing in at 229g. This is another shocker. I totally expected this to be much lighter… this shoe is nothing le!!! When I run with it, I can barely feel it… It was initially bought as a ‘boat shoe’, for popping when I went to Simeuleu, Indonesia.


Next, is my sexy Salomon Fellcross, weighing in at 308g. Fairly surprise with this as well, as I didn’t expect it to be lighter than my Adidas Response. Salomon, RESPECT!! Given the ruggedness and solidness of the shoe, I really expected something heavier. I Love it!!!


Weighing in at 375g, Adidas Response. This is officially my FIRST running shoe. Bought after N signed me up for a 10km run, my first. After that, I ran my first 21km in them… so… ok la… didn’t know it’s so heavy… Hahahahaha…


Split by a mere 4g, we have Adidas Titan Bounce! This was bought as a ‘kai kai’, jalan jalan, gaya shoe. And getting the shoe itself has a story behind it. I went to almost every Adidas outlets, Al-Ikhsan, World of Sports, Studio R, in the Klang Valley, and I couldn’t get my size. And coincidently over the weekend, I went to Penang with my parents, and we passed by an Al-Ikhsan. I went in, tried the size I wanted, and left the shop wearing it. Anyway, I ran a bit in it. The name speaks for itself, it’s bouncy. But again, the weight… while not highly noticeable, it’s there…


And the Heavy Weight Champion goes to… Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra 2, weighing in at 416g. Aiyo… the name itself also so long liow… of course heavy lo… This one is heavy because it’s PACKED with muscles!! So it’s got every reason to be heavy! And I don’t really feel the weight when I’m hiking. The feeling is (as one will expect), completely different from the Minimus Trail.


So there you have it… and pretty obvious what is my favourite color eh… hahahahaha…

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