Monday, January 9, 2012

MPIB - 080112

First run of 2012 and i pancit kuat kuat. I pancit-ed on the 3rd and 6th km. Other than that, the run was ok la... Somehow this run was much more tiring than Malakoff last month. Could be because I had quite a lot of beer the night before. So much that when I woke up at 5 something in the morning, I burped beer. Or it could be the flu that's been bugging me for almost 2 weeks. :-(((

Of course there's another reason... Not enough training la!!!!

As for the run itself, it was fairly well organized. The starting announcement was poor poor poor. I only knew the run started when people started clapping n moving. I didn't hear any announcement or horn.

Spidey and Flintstone were spotted during the run.

Another thing to cucuk is the running vest and medal. So so so so so vanilla.

It's like let's just put our company logo and get on with it. Shape of the medal is boring. Design is super boring. The running route was quite tough with multiple mini hills. And we passed by some massive bungalows; so big that driveway is bigger than my house. David, the guy who keeps track of the number of runners he overtake, did not do any counting this time round. He SMS at 8 something and said he just woke up, alarm didn't ring. Rugi kuat kuat...

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