Saturday, May 19, 2012

KL Tower International Towerthon 2012

I think it was over in 30 minutes. I was really expecting something longer.

But it was a tough one. I really need to do some proper research on food consumption prior to run.

The run started at 4pm, n my lunch was around 12 noon. Although it was hours before, I think it was too heavy. I had mixed rice.. 3 pieces of curry chicken... 3 pieces of herbal chicken... Veggie... And a big piece of fried drumstick. I finished everything.

The first KM up the hill to the base of the tower almost pancit-ed me. :-s and the steps that followed was madness. I kept burping my lunch...

Lesson learned, not so much meat, or rice, or anything heavy before a run. A very bad habit of mine; eating heavy all the time.

And I did just that after the runS. After the Towerthon, we went to KLCC to run at their park. But after 2.5km, it started raining. So... It's MAKAN time!!

And there was yoghurt ice cream, prawn fish head noodle, and claypot Loh Shi Fun.

And don't forget the free Milo that's always there for you.

And since their tshirt was terrible, and quality of medal also so so... Doubt I'll be back next year. Thanks for a good run and ciao KL Tower!!

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