Saturday, February 11, 2012

Timex Run Trainer

I am a proud owner of a Timex Run Trainer GPS watch!!!

 photo 1

There’s really no point for me to write a review when there’s a fantastic in depth one by DC Rainmaker.

photo 2 

The watch is definitely big, and more so on my tiny tiny wrist. But no biggie. It would have been better if the software below can be downloaded and used offline, rather than having to go online to review everything… :s troublesome…

And the application is like super complicated… Very unlikely I’ll use it to it’s fullest.. hahahaha…


Anyway if you are reading this and are from Malaysia, and interested to get a Timex Run Trainer, go online. eBay!!! The humongous Timex Global Trainer is retailing at RM1999, according to their website. And they don’t even have the Run Trainer yet… but I doubt it’ll be any cheaper… I bought mine for below RM1000.

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