Sunday, February 19, 2012

Men's Health Urbanathlon - 2012

I'm in a bus now on my way back to KL from Singapore. And we are supposedly 40 minutes from Bangsar but the traffic is super heavy. So we will be stuck in the bus for easily another hour.

I've survived the TOUGHEST race in Singapore!!! With a time of 1hr44min; target set was below 2 hours. So... YAY!!!

Going back a day before, Wilfred (colleague) and I took the bus down to Singapore, First Coach. Bus was comfy. We each have a screen to ourselves with tons of movies to choose from. MY to SG is RM50 and SG to MY is RM70.

And our accommodation for the night in Singapore, Inncrowd.

For SGD20, it's really a good deal.

And the location is a 10 minutes walk from where our bus stopped, The Plaza, which is directly opposite where our race will start, Nicoll Highway Station.

Upon checking in, we were given a locker, a pillow case, bed sheets and blanket. We also had free breakfast in the morning; hardboiled eggs and bread with jam and butter.

Stay tuned for more pictures to come when!!

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